What’s Thanksgiving??

Thanksgiving is an act that comes from an attitude of appreciation. From a heart full of gratitude the mouth utters appreciation and actions follow.

Its the natural way of mankind to be ungrateful. Not once have yo done something for someone and the never appreciate the effort let alone the act. People assume its normal and usual for one to do extraordinary things for them, hence they lack the ability to say thank you.

Thank you is a courteous expression, instead of grumbling and complaining, its way easier to say thank you. Even when things do not go your way….just say thank you that you are still alive to try out another way😊

In the Old Testament, the Israelites were the lest bit thankful, even when provided for Manna (from Heaven!), ooooh they still thought-whats this-its better Egypt….I mean, REALLY? Food from Daddy in Heaven!! I would love that nowπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ God wondered why wouldn’t they just give Him thanks for His abundant provision. Think of it, arent we the Israelites of today? We think it was better when I lived in my parents house, or when I worked a certain place, or when I was young…πŸ€”πŸ€” imagine if we changed our worries to acts of gratitude. How do you think that would make God feel?

Three things that contain our Thanksgiving;-πŸ‘‡

1.Attitude of gratitude
2. What are you thankful for
3.Who are you thankful for.

-Sometimes we take our thanks where unnecessary. to people yet God deserves them.
We thank God because if we need things changedΒ  He alone will Change them. He is Sovereign.
You thank Him even in tough circumstances because as Romans 8:28 that all things work together for good.
Even now miracles are happening, hence a reason to thank Him. He is still making me a candidate for a miracle.

Everything happens for good to those who trust in the lord ,we should develop a thankful heart ,we should not have any complaint about anything coz this tells God you are accusing him of incompetence,God loves a place where he is acknowledged and thanks giving acknowledges God . May be a people that can see past the issues and just be thankful always. Rejoicing in the Lord.😊


Everything you do, say, think, plan etc- there is always someone in mind you are doing it for or rather someone you desire to please. 😏😏

You could be a people pleaser or a God pleaser…its always a choice a tough one for that matter. Why? because everyone feels they deserve a standing ovation in everything they do or say. And surprisingly, there is always a people waiting to give that to you. Many are the times the human race does or says things that are against God’s will but since other people will like or love it they end up doing it. I feel sad about it πŸ˜”

God made man so that he could do what He(God) pleases. So that man could hear and obey His makers desires and please Him only. But sin has corrupted our minds to think that if whatever we do or say is not liked by people then it’s not right. But what if God doesn’t like itπŸ€”πŸ€” what then? What if wearing that dress doesn’t please God but everyone tells you it’s nice, what if visiting that friend doesn’t please God but they say you won’t stay long, what if talking with those friends is not pleasing God but they tell you it’s just talking- but God calls it gossipping…what then??

Many are those days we just please people- at times it just intentional- I guess the feeling is thrilling. Seeing a crowd following you for something you did or said- oooh but where is God in all that. The Mighty one who graces us to do great things. It’s better to have no one clapping for you(when called to attend a substance abuse party and you decline) than being clapped on when you drink up bottles of alcohol) – it’s no brainier!! I see people even at work, they say things because many will back them up yet it’s the wrong things. I see teenagers engage in immorality yet its wrong (trust me they know it’s wrong) but since everyone else is doing it-why not me🀷🀷 I see women throw away their marriages just because people told them ‘if I were you, I wouldn’t be nice to him’. Again I ask what does God think of that thing you are about to do or say??

Isaiah 1:19 says- if you are willing and obedient you will eat the fruit of the land. Willing and obedient to do what? Obey God’s commands. How do i know the commands? They are found in Him, His word. Because truth be told we limit the blessings we should receive by obedience or disobedience. It’s a choice 😏😏 Many choose obeying people’s opinions on things rather than God’s commands.

Galatians 1:10, 24 clearly explains whether you are a people pleaser or God pleaser? In such cases youask yourself, What have i done for God? Do people praise Him because of me- what i say, think, do or stand for?
When you are a people pleaser you are not a servant of Christ. Why? We are just vessels used by Him, for His glory and honor. We ought to know that He is the biggest reason for our existence. This God can only be pleased by people ready to do what He likes:- have faith, be good, do good, speak positive, think like Him, forgive like Him—- I mean it’s just plainly IMITATING God that we please Him.

Let God remain to be true in all things, my desire is to be a God pleaser in everything (big or small). I pray that I be a leader with influence. Get to see a generation that will seek to please God even in the tiniest things like waste disposal (huh!!! That’s another blog for another day☺️) I advise you, start desiring to please God, His Spirit is faithful to help us through it. Be free from stressful unsatisfied people….Stay joyful doing it all for God. Till another blog…..


Isn’t this an oftenly asked question? I suppose so because everyone new or known to you always has something to ask about you, they would like to know who you are, where you are from, where you work, are you married, do you have siblings, what level of education do you have, do you go to church and if yes which one, your favorites (color,food,drink, dress code etc),…..I could go on. This is to tell you that there is so much in this life that could define who you are.

There are times one can forget who they are since they let people define them by what they wear,eat or say that their REAL ends up being hidden. One could be a very polite person but due to the harsh environment surrounding them, they possess a rude attitude-which ends up defining them. The rudeness is what others will see in him/her. So sad..☹️☹️

The greatest Discovery one could ever make is of themselves- self-awareness. It’s a task that most people have evaded. Lack of knowledge of who you are brings about confused personalities and a corrupt society. It’s never to late to start learning more about yourself other than where you live and your full names😏😏

How about understanding WHOSE you are, your temperaments, your likes and dislikes, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses……and everything else!! God is the source of who we are, so to know yourself you ought to know He is the one who made us in His image( not a national image, not a family one, not an educational one, not your employers image, not your county’s image….) His own image. Let’s meditate on that. It’s alot to take in.

Though i ask- What good is it to have fame, fortune,friends but still have an enslaved mind? Proverbs 23:7 says as a man thinketh so he is. So if one thinks he is a warrior it’s what he becomes. All is vanity without God, without God means you don’t know who you are. But get this:-Education is very necessary, family is vital, wealth is needed but without knowledge of who you are even utilization of what you seek will be in vain.

Proverbs 28:1b says the righteous are as bold as a lion 🦁🦁🦁. That’s to give you an idea of who you are. I believe that’s who I am. Everything He says I am is what I am and what I will become. I need no other definition from life, His image alone I possess, Authority and Power He gave me, Peace He gives me, my heart and mind He guards, what more could I ever ask???

A positive attitude πŸ‘Œ is veeeeery nessesary, you can only be what your mind perceives. So next time someone asks who you are- better have an idea, a comprehensive detailed information of who you are. Past your names, title or village.


More to come✍️✍️


Its never too tiring to make someone smile, but i guess it highly depends on how much one enjoys smiling. Have you ever talked to someone who keeps such a serious face, and maybe you are outdoors, at an event or occasion…i mean how can one not enjoy even the air they breath, or just the weather-at least those are not man-made!

There has been a burning desire in me to just be around children: ages toddlers(3months) to junior youths (20years), there is just something about kids that can never go wrong. Few have no pretense, if they don’t like you, they can’t pretend to. They have this innocent look on their pretty little faces when they think you are the greatest thing in their lives, they adore you and express so much love when you touch their hearts. They feel so alone when they don’t know how some situation will unfold, what will happen if it doesn’t end well, who will hold their hand through it, is it okay they are going through it….yeah, kids have issues too.

It’s so sad when a parent or guardian will find no time to engage with their kids on a daily basis or at least regularly. Getting to know their likes, dislikes, desires, dreams, challenges, opportunities, talents….etc. Most of these kids look to see who will listen to them yap about their talents or skill they discovered, when they don’t, they become so quiet next thing you know they can’t express anything to anyone!! They are so talented and full of potential and most times they only need a push up, a boost of love and care, a smile that all is okay, a hug, an exercise together, a swim, a game….just anything(the plate is full of ideas)

I love speaking or is it talking….now, i just love seeing that my talk can boost some kids spirit to believe in themselves and move on. I love it when my God given ability to encourage and inspire people is beneficial. Nobel prize winner, The Late Wangari Mathai said, “You cannot enslave a mind that knows itself, values itself and understands itself”…i feel that kids at times forget this and they need a reminder, they are the leaders of tomorrow and we can only do our best to nurture them to confidence and happiness.

A child that will get to know themselves, value themselves and understand themselves will grow to be so transformative and influential and society will have less economical or social issues. As a motivational speaker in the making i got to interact with some kids in a private school, ready for their final exams- we got to remind them of what The Creator of their minds says about them… its so clear and sweet-Philippians 4:13 says they can do all things…even that final exam is part of all things, Deuteronomy 28:13 reminds them that they are the head and not the tail, Philippians 1:6 tells that to be confident of Him who began the good work in them will finish it.., Romans 8:37 tells them they are more than conquerors… i could go on but i had to remind them, not that they don’t know but that it helps to care for their fears and needs at large.

I thank God for giving me the grace to serve in such places, i am believing God for excellent performance for them. Later, after the talk, smiles were all over them, selfie moments, contact sharing,hugs from them- it was all sweet and marvelous before our eyes!

how nice it is to share the joy of the Lord, a smile is just enough!!


What’s a talent?

I would say its a skill or a gift one has, where one could possess many. It is a special gift(s) from God and one has to seriously be self-aware so as to understand their potential in that skill and how they can use it to help others and themselves. What you do with it is your gift back to God, the giver of that talent.

Let’s base this on the parable of the talents in Matthew 25:14-30, each of these servants were given talents and their master hoped that they would utilize them in order and do something with them, how comes one of them hid his? Isn’t that what most of us do? Limit ourselves in exploiting those talents that are so obvious in us, where even people tell you:- “you are so good at this” and you pretend not to care about it! We become lazy and foolish. Whereas opportunities are always presenting themselves for us to showcase our talents but people like that one servant end up disappointing their master, who is God.

A person has a talent in singing but you will never see them enjoy it or present themselves to be a blessing to others through that talent. Such is hiding i would say and i would rather they come out and do something about it. Assumption is the lowest level of knowledge..someone said. When we tend to assume that our talents are nobody’s business, it’s as good as telling God He made a mistake and you are not liking the talent He gave you! talk of doubting God’s master creation-yourself!

God gives us everything we need to use for us fulfilling His purposes, and the sooner we realize that the better it will be to offer ourselves in His kingdom. We are original copies of our selves, no one is like the other. Every man has their own uniqueness, and it’s so sad when one doesn’t feel good about that! Imagine no one else like you, you and your singing, dancing, cooking, swimming, art, preaching, organizing…name it. It’s only you that can do it best and God has trusted you to give a productive result of that talent.

I started dancing when i was so young, i guess as soon as i learnt how to walk, and i really enjoyed it. I had so much courage as i danced even before an audience. People would often ask how come i wasn’t shy? I couldn’t explain it myself. As i was growing up, i learnt that i could organize things too! am so frustrated when i try to find something and can’t find it..my hands burn up when i see a disarranged place, i enjoy organizing so much and putting things in order- it’s part of my personality. I have grown up discovering more skills in me i never thought i had. I often wondered if talking too much was a talent? until i got to learn how to use it well to build up others through motivational talks and being a Sunday school teacher-in my young age i had never imagined being a teacher!!!

I look back and see that God had purposed me to possess them for me to be productive and be accountable to Him(Stewardship). I feel good when i see that my talents have become an inspiration to many and i can be a blessing. Doesn’t matter who approves it, what they think, what they say or how they want it done.. the only one who gave it to you knows when, where,why and how you will use it, connect with your Master, know how you will manage that investment He has made in you. Nobody enjoys loss- don’t make God wonder why He gave the talent to you and later He will take it from you-His word says so..Verse 29″the one who has will be given more and he will have more than enough and the one who doesn’t have even what he has will be taken away from him..:” Don’t let it be you.

The attitude..

Attitude is someone’s opinion of something or someone. Truth be told it’s always very difficult to change people’s attitudes,.Some of us see the glass half full while others see it as half empty..depends on the attitude you have towards the situation in question.

A few days ago, i visited a certain public school for some enquiries. As i entered the gate, i saw two teachers outside the staffroom attending to a kid who seemed to be suffering from cerebral palsy, they were trying to dust him off as he was covered in dust. I came to learn that he didn’t school there, actually he had come in school without the parents knowledge..sounds alarming?! Exactly my thoughts..was the parent aware of his whereabouts? Why doesn’t the school have a security guard? What if the kid hadn’t entered the school,and instead wandered off? The school is near a highway…😱😱

But the teachers did a good job and sent two girls to call for the kids mother.. That’s good attitude, a heart to care is needed around us. Caring for others like family. That’s not the ATT aspect that bothered me… Its the lack of courtesy in some teachers there.. It was almost 2 after their lunch break. When i asked the two teachers to show me someone i could talk to, one just replied..’they are at lunch’

Am a very patient being.. So i sat down and waited. 10minutes past two i asked another passing teacher whom i could talk to..she dared by pointing a finger towards the other office next to the staffroom—without talking!..i just 😯..talk of attitude. .then i asked another teacher,’could you kindly direct me to the headteacher’s office?’ finally am shown to an office inside an office..how could i have seen that!.hehehehehe Kenya my country πŸ˜‚. Now additional attitude comes when this deputy thinks am taking too much of her time, doesn’t even know why am here, just tries to quicken my talks..hurriedly locking cabinets, talking to other teachers,.. I could go on..am just Highlighting NOT complaining..

But then again i reckon, everyone is entitled to their own opinion..but weren’t we created in the same image of God? Aren’t we all equal? Isn’t Jesus the one we all emulate? Aren’t we all human beings? Whats to set our character standards? Are we living or surviving? Is it attitude issues or something else? I want to believe we all matter, if you are in the service industry just train yourself to have courteous manners to those you serve, actually everybody should practice that..what have you got to lose by being nice! 😊 put a smile on your face, give someone time to explain their need, pay attention to their speech or request..i mean its all with/for/by/in the right ATTITUDE

You can only love yourself…

Morning to you great people..😊

There is a saying that you cannot give what you don’t have, which is so true and honest. You have love, you are able to share it, you have resources you are able to give out. It’s no worry when you see people being selfish of others. It means they are yet to discover what they posses within them. Self-discovery is very very important. Gotta know your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, favorites, character and everything that composes you.

Don’t wait for people to tell you who you are, examine your potentials and let them follow you up with compliments and corrections. Honesty is the best policy and when it comes to being true to yourself its the best way out. We are all made wonderful with different potentials within us, i am no so good at baking- but i am double good at πŸ’ƒ dancing… One can be good at photography(like the one who took this photo below- and another is good at posing for the photo!!!!

Its all about loving yourself and what you can do, and doing it with love, which the Bible commands “Do everything with love”. Then now work in solidarity with those around you, as they have also known themselves like you.. It becomes a very good life to live..

Focus on pleasing that who created you with so much love, the able power to share with you that much love.. only God gives it..

Enjoy the photo, i love me 😁

Understanding the peace of God..

Philippians 4:6~7

There was a day i just sat down and asked myself if i felt peaceful..😏I was trying to understand what the peace of God has to do with everything in my life. The scripture above explained it all and it felt so refreshing.

I understand peace as inner joy, some kind of gladness within you that has no sorrow or worry. When you have no anxiety symptoms(weird postures, crazy yawns, regularly irritated by everything, sudden sweating, laziness, angry faces..). But the peace of God is something else!! I got to realize it’s the most great thing to possess. When one has it all the others fall into place, love, joy, humility, self-control etc. Its when you let God have control over all you do, say or think.

I was involved in a tragic accident some days ago, and it took me by surprise. I was in shock as the only thing that came to mind at that instant was my family.. Are they okay? Yet they weren’t with me in the first place. I got out of the car and stood at a distance to feel if i had been hurt… Luckily.. No scratch that, By God’s grace(unmerited favor) i was okay, all parts functioning,only my right eye got bumped and it has later healed to leave only a black mark. Guess something?? I don’t remember worrying seconds after the accident, and when i thought of my family i just uttered ‘ God bless them ‘ in my soul. I wasn’t worrying about it cause that’s the peace of God. Its beyond our human understanding. I felt so peaceful seeing am okay and alive😊. It was a traumatizing experience but i thank God i saw my glass half full about it all.

I am alive and well with only a memory of it, i couldn’t ask for anything more than just this great peace. It relaxes you when worry thoughts come.. Remember when Jesus calmed the storm! Imagine such relaxation of your mind and soul. It should never matter what circumstance or situation is in your life, if the storm obeyed Jesus’s command, what could go wrong for you? Nothing is impossible, having peace of mind, heart and soul is doable and easy. Speak that word{peace} every time you feel lost in situations.

Join me in the journey to enjoying God’s peace, its His gift to us. All u need to know is that His peace calms all storms coming your way by just saying.. PEACE BE STILL

Peace be with you all

Kick start..

Sometimes in life one feels like the most important thing to do is see another day.. Well, of course it’s important But there is always more than just seeing the day. We get to live it, smell it, breathe it, taste it, we go beyond and at times criticize it or applaud it… and at the end of that day we feel it was worth it. I love how thankful i am each day when i get off my bed, it energizes me and brings positive thoughts for that day.

The gratitude helps me look past any awful situations, any discouraging words, any disturbing beings and any negative energy. Its the most important thing i get to whisper to my Father in Heaven as i know He is always waiting on it.. ‘ Thank you Lord for another day ‘.. Its so comforting to kick start your day like that.

Isaiah 40:31 reminds me of how my strength will be renewed when i get weary… This is why i know by being one strong eagle i can reach higher and focus better and i will because He said so, it is written